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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: Suggestion - file format
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 13:23:35 GMT
2012/7/10 Shmuel Wolfson <>:
> I have a suggestion for OpenOffice that I think will help it become more
> popular.
> Most users are not very computer savvy. They are afraid of incompatibility
> so they stick to Word which most people have. Therefore I think the default
> option when installing OpenOffic should be to save files in MS Office
> formats.

Sorry, but that's a no go: while import/export filters could be an
useful tools on some circumstances they are not and never will be
perfect. And the reason is simple: AOO is NOT a clon of MSOffice. Both
products work on different ways. Take for example Writer vs. Word:
Writer use page styles, something that Word do not know about so every
time you open a Word file you need to translate whatever Word do with
pages to the "page style paradigm", and then back from page style to
what Word use... even on simple documents this is a formatting
nightmare but if you go to something more complex you are calling for

Being able to import/export from/to MSOffice formats is a useful plus,
nothing more and nothing less.

The general rule, applicable not only to AOO but to any software
product is: Always work on native formats, your life will be a lot

Just my 2ยข


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