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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [TRANSLATION][3.4.1]: update Pootle server to include new string for a new warning box
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:39:02 GMT
2012/7/3 Jürgen Schmidt <>:
> Hi,
> based on the discussion relating Windows 8 readiness etc. we have
> identified 5 critical issues. And we have already started to work on
> these issues and my plan is to have them all ready for a 3.4.1 that we
> can decide at any time later if we want to move forward with the W8
> support when we have everything in place in time.
> For solving one of these issues we have to introduce a new warning box
> which means that we have to translate a new string for 3.4.1.
> I have updated the Pootle server already with the new string (17 words
> only) and I would like to ask our translators to focus on this new
> string as soon as possible (ideally this week).
> Most important are the languages that we want release:
> en-US ar cs de en-GB es fi fr gl hu it ja km nl ru sl pt-BR zh-CN zh-TW
> and potentially "sk" where I have to update Pootle with the latest
> available updates from Michal Hriň
> The new string is in desktop - source - app.po
> See for example for French"
> desktop.src#STR_BOOTSTRAP_ERR_MULTISESSION.string.text
> "de" will be covered by myself ;-) because there is currently a problem
> that I don't understand and that I have to solve.
> To simplify the update I would prefer if the string get translated on
> the Pootle server.
> Please send me a short note when an updated or better a translation of
> the string is available. I will take care of the integration.
> If anybody have problems doing it on Pootle please let me know.
> Juergen

The ES translation is ready.

A particular thing I've seen is that when I translated that string and
click "send", two more strings were offered to translate, but both, on
the original English version were empty with only a space on it. I did
not take note about the "string" location, sorry.


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