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From chengjh <>
Subject Re: [Review|Discussion]For Ideas and Comments on the Vision of Writer's Track Changes Improvement
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 07:25:05 GMT
Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your feedback.Please say my a),b),c) and d).

On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton <
> wrote:

> I have some concerns.
> First, the meta-requirements Wiki page was last updated on 2012-03-12 and
> there has been on-going turmoil at the ODF TC on which of three proposals
> will be refined into an ODF 1.3 improvement.   There is no resolution,
> although there is some major discussion to occur in the ODF TC Conference
> calls in the next few weeks.

a)The meta-requirements collected and discussed in the Wiki contain broad
scope..And we have submitted our requirements to the group..currently,we
are keeping an eye on its progress.


Because of this, it is important to understand how your proposed Track
> Changes Improvement will be reflect in the ODF 1.2 documents consumed and
> produced by Apache OpenOffice at this time.  That is, what needs to be done
> in the format, if anything, and how is interoperable communication of that
> handled in the persistent document?

b) One of the significant principles of the improvement is to keep
previous releases of AOO/Symphony in order to ensure the persistent
document. The new formats saved in the improvement will be lost when being
launched into old versions' AOO/Symphony.


Also, do the proposed improvements favor one of the three proposals or
> borrow some elements from each?  Is it a completely separate improvement to
> the existing ODF 1.2 provisions (as badly-specified as they might be)?  Is
> it designed toward interoperability with the functionality of Microsoft
> Word documents and convertibility with .doc or OOXML Word Processing
> (.docx, basically)?
> c)Please provide the three proposals that will be taken as OASIS ODF
standard, I am not clear about them. We can refer it during improving our
Currently,our proposals focus on the interoperability
fidelity improvements with MS Word,the binary format is our first goal,and
OOXML is followed. Actually, ODF limitations are not our first
consideration to improve when working on the new design because I think the
perfect solution is the most important..we are still working to find it
out..Once the solution is ready, I think the ODF should not be a problem.

> Without understanding the improvements in terms of what users perceive and
> can manipulate, and how it is conveyed in the persistent document(s), it is
> very difficult to assess the proposal.
> d)When the customers are using AOO/Symphony, especially they exchange
document with MS Word, the track changes feature becomes a blocker. It
blocks end users to move from MS Office to AOO..So,they demand us to
improve the function area to meet their requirements in time.

>  - Dennis
> -----Original Message-----
> From: chengjh []
> Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 20:33
> To:
> Subject: [Review|Discussion]For Ideas and Comments on the Vision of
> Writer's Track Changes Improvement
> Hi All,
> As we know,Track Changes is one of the most important features in a
> document editing application,such as the Apache Writer.It
> provides to track history changes within a document and review a shared
> document between different roles in an internal and collaborative
> environment.Through this feature,end users can conveniently distinguish
> each roles' revised changes and review comments when working on the same
> document,especially within a complex reviewing process.
> Although,Apache Writer has also provided the Track Changes
> feature, there are existing very obviously feature gaps comparing with MS
> Word.Please refer to the details from
> course, the interoperability fidelity with MS Word is poor..Because of the
> obviously feature gaps,we have received some requirements to improve the
> function area, and been raised some defects too.Please refer to the classic
> ones from
> .
> In order to decrease the feature gaps,especially improve the
> interoperability fidelity with MS Word, we have taken some investigation
> and tried to understand the current implementation
> deeply.
> And then, based on the our current knowledge and understanding,we have
> worked out a design proposal
> for
> your review. The proposal is just the beginning, and now open for review
> and discussion.
> For our same goal to make Apache successful, I appreciate
> your comments and contribution to the improvement. Your ideas and comments
> will not be limited to the current design proposal,breakthrough thinking
> welcomed..Expecting your involvement.Thanks.
> Reference:
> [1] Track Changs Wiki::
> [2] OASIS ODF TC on Track Changes:
> --
> Best Regards,Jianhong Cheng


Best Regards,Jianhong Cheng

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