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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Create a Translator Role
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2012 20:17:52 GMT

On Jul 7, 2012, at 1:04 PM, Rob Weir wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 3:37 PM, Dave Fisher <> wrote:
>> I'd like to propose that the project consider a special level of Committer called
>> These individuals will need to meet the following requirements:
>> (1) Sign an ICLA and have it on file.
>> (2) Be sponsored by a member of the PPMC.
>> Once a sponsor is found.
>> (A) The Sponsor starts a VOTE thread for Translator by the PPMC on ooo-private.
>> (B) With a successful VOTE an Apache ID is requested.
> I'd suggest just doing it by lazy consensus, without the ceremony of a
> vote thread, a discussion thread,  a required mentor vote, cross
> posting to IPMC private and related overhead.  In other words, treat
> it like the Subversion project does with its "partial committers":

We can live with the extra formality until graduation.

We agree that as a TLP this extra overhead is reduced in any case.

> "A full committer sponsors the partial committer. Usually this means
> the full committer has applied several patches to the same area from
> the proposed partial committer, and realizes things would be easier if
> the person were just committing directly. Approval is not required
> from the full committers; it is assumed that sponsors know what
> they're doing and will watch the partial committer's first few commits
> to make sure everything's going smoothly."

Keep in mind that this is a project that came to The ASF as an actively working project. This
arrangement was grandfathered into Apache Subversion.

>> The Apache ID is setup just like for a Committer except no SVN Karma is granted.
> Ehh, but don't we want translators to have karma to /ooo-site as well,
> so they can edit the website?  So maybe enough to limit it to that?
> Or maybe it is not worth worrying about translators messing with C++
> code.

We do, but we also don't know how tied in pootle will all be and for ooo-site anonymous contributions
are not a problem - merit can be accessed.

>> The Translator would have access to pootle.a.o and people.a.o.
>> Translators who earn merit can later be VOTEd into Committer and PPMC roles.
>> If the project wants to do this then I'll take it up with the IPMC to see if it is
an acceptable practice.
> It appears to be acceptable for TLP's given the Subversion example.
> So worst case we just wait for graduation to make such changes.
> In any case, I share your goal of finding a streamlined way of giving
> Translators access to Pootle.
> Thanks for starting the thread.

You are welcome.


> -Rob
>> Regards,
>> Dave

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