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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Should quickstarter be enabled or disabled by default?
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 11:13:15 GMT
RGB ES <> wrote:
> 2012/7/25 Armin Le Grand <>:
>> Hi,
>> one interesting thing I just stumbled upon; when waiting after the boot
>> without quickstarter for some time (I left the system unattended after boot
>> and login for ca. 10 minutes) the first startup of AOO goes down to 8-9
>> seconds (without quickstarter!). Maybe Win7 already has some mechanism
>> which measures which dlls are most used and loads these after some time
>> when nothing was to do...? I was surprised, I will try to repeat this.
> To speed up windows startup (no matter what they do, it's still slow),
> some libraries are loaded AFTER you get control of the system. Maybe
> the problem is simply that the system is busy with it's own start
> routine, slowing down everything else. Maybe it is a good idea to
> repeat the test with and without quickstart but giving the system at
> least five minutes to get everything running: I think there will be no
> big difference on AOO startup.

You are right. I just repeated without quickstarter, waited for the first
time the blanker started (5 min), re-loggedin, started by double-clicking
on my test document: AOO starts under 4 seconds.
Looks like an argument against quickstarter...

> Regards
> Ricardo


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