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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [Proposal]Enhance shape gradient import/export feature for MS 2003
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 19:06:28 GMT
Hi Jianyuan,

Jianyuan Li schrieb:
> Hi, All,
> Now I am fixing an issue (i119498) about shape gradient import/export.
> Besides the issue, some other issues are also found. Shape gradient
> import/export is not supported well by AOO. So I did some investigation
> about how shape gradient works and current mechanism of shape gradient
> filter. I plan to do some enhancements which have been listed in below wiki:
> Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

It is a very good idea to describe the problems. That will help a lot to 
understand the implementation and verify it.

I have a suggestion in regard to angles.
So to make the description unambiguous, it would help to start with a 
picture of the angle setting (something like 20°), which the user makes 
in MS 2003 in the advanced dialog, where all settings are visible; then 
the result on screen in MS 2003, and then the resulting values in MS 
file format.
The term "gradient vector" is not clear.
<quote>Angle: For MS 2003, angle property specifies the angle of the 
shaded fill that rotates the gradient vector in a counterclockwise 
direction and will be represented with minus number. Zero degree 
represents a vertical vector from bottom to top.</quote>
I understand "gradient vector" as direction from the color at 0% to the 
color at 100% (as in svg). Then in MS 2010 my "gradient vector" of zero 
degree is in positive x-axis direction as expected. Is it different in 
MS 2003 or do you define the "gradient vector" in a different way?

And another suggestion: To make it easier to verify the implementation, 
mention the settings in the UI too. For example in MS 2010 there are 
four kind of gradients (Linear, Radial, Rectangular, Path), with a 
setting for angle (for Linear) or direction (for Radial/Rectangular), 
and in addition a check box 'rotate with shape'. How do they map to your 

And questions:
In MS 2010 it is possible to define stop colors in between e.g at 30% 
(similar to svg). Is that possible in MS 2003 too? [I have no longer got 
an older version of MS Office to test it.] If yes, how will you handle it?

In MS 2010 a line can have a gradient too. Is that possible in MS 2003 
too? If yes, will you handle that too?

Kind regards

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