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From "Rony G. Flatscher (Apache)" <>
Subject Re: MacOSX: problems deploying an extension in shared mode
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 18:08:21 GMT

On 22.07.2012 14:07, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache) wrote:
> In the context of creating a new version of BSF4ooRexx for MacOSX as well
> (<>)
> the automatic installation of an oxt-extension to AOO 3.4.0 to add ooRexx as a macro
> directly to AOO, there are errors with the MacOSX version.
> If you download the package from the above link you'll get ooRexx and BSF4ooRexx for
MacOSX in
> 32-Bit (as OOo is still 32-bit on MacOSX) installed and both ooRexx and BSF4ooRexx (a
Rexx function
> package camouflaging Java as the dynamically typed ooRexx) are operational.
> Unfortunately, the OOo extension named "ScriptProviderForooRexx.oxt" cannot be added
to the MacOSX
> AOO 3.4 installation using "unopkg"! Here a few infos to the locations and the scripts
that are run
> as sudo with the error message:
>     wu114123:sources rony$ *ls -al /Applications/**
>     lrwxr-xr-x@ 1 rony  admin     10 Apr 19 08:28 /Applications/
-> unopkg.bin
>     -r-xr-xr-x@ 1 rony  admin  13568 Apr 19 08:28 /Applications/
>     wu114123:sources rony$ *ls -al /System/Library/Frameworks/BSF4ooRexx.framework/Libraries/ScriptProviderForooRexx.oxt*
>     -rwxrwxrwx  1 root  wheel  330778 Jun 15 17:24 /System/Library/Frameworks/BSF4ooRexx.framework/Libraries/ScriptProviderForooRexx.oxt
>     wu114123:sources rony$ *sudo /Applications/
add --shared /System/Library/Frameworks/BSF4ooRexx.framework/Libraries/ScriptProviderForooRexx.oxt*
>     *ERROR: Error binding package:$UNO_SHARED_PACKAGES_CACHE/uno_packages/Qpgmug_/ScriptProviderForooRexx.oxt*
>            Cause: an error occured during file opening
>     unopkg failed.
> There is no directory named "Qpgmug_" in the shared cache directory; not sure why.
> ---
> Trying to do the same from AOO's "Tools -> Extension Manager" is not successful either,
if intending
> to install for "All users" with the scarce error message "an error occured during file
> However adding this extension via AOO's "Tools -> Extension Manager" for "Only for
me" works o.k.!
> Restarting AOO, and the extension is available and operational allowing ooRexx to be
used as a macro
> language!
>     Using the user extension has another irregularity: if using for the first time in
a totally
>     fresh AOO session "Tools -> Macros -> Run Macro" and then executing any ooRexx
macro will yield
>     an error ("unable to load language"). However, if first doing a "Tools -> Macros
-> Organize
>     Macros -> ooRexx" and editing any ooRexx macro and running it via the edit window
menu, ooRexx
>     can be later found via "Tools -> Macros -> Run Macro" as well.
> [Using the oxt-extension on Windows and Linux with AOO, OOo, LO works in shared mode,
> there are no anomalities that I know of.]
> Any ideas, what might be wrong, what I could do?
> [To duplicate: just install the MacOSX package and then run the above commands from a
command line
> to see for yourself.]
> TIA for any hints, ideas and suggestions,
> ---rony
Just tested this with the developer snapshot build 3.4.1 for English (en-US), r1364591
with the same behaviour..

Filed a new issue such that this remains documented:


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