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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [DEVTOOLS] how to handle old bugs in old versions of netbeans integration plugin
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 06:34:40 GMT
Kay Schenk wrote:
> FWIW -- I did basically "close" this with "resolved" and "unreproducible".
> Oh boy...getting mixed between Jira and BZ. BZ has no CLOSE, only RESOLVED,
> which is somewhat misleading.

You can set issues to CLOSED in BugZilla, but, at least in some cases, 
you need to set them to RESOLVED first (the optimal lifecycle would be: 
RESOLVED FIXED meaning that source code is fixed -> VERIFIED FIXED 
meaning that a development build shows the right behavior -> CLOSED 
FIXED meaning that a stable version incorporates the fix; but we tend to 
use the fields a bit more liberally).

I closed the above issue. I set resolution to WONTFIX since it's 
slightly more meaningful (i.e., we didn't try to reproduce it; it is 
just outdated and not pertinet to the current version), but this is not 
a big difference.


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