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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] more clarification on Java -- changes to
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 07:15:08 GMT
On 7/16/12 11:53 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
> Re this thread:
> I did indeed remove the download link to Java entirely.
> Why? Well there are at least 2 versions of Java which may be of interest to
> our user base --
> Oracle Java. and OpenJDK.
> Given the discussion in the thread referenced above, our other page with
> information on java,
> does need some changes.
> Linux
> As far as I know, there appear to be NO issues with either Oracle Java 7 or
> OpenJDK with Linux 32 bit. I can't find much on our lists about Linux 64
> bit and/or java 7 64 bit.
> Windows
> OK, some reports about problems with 64 bit Oracle Java and AOO 3.4. After
> reviewing the bug reports, the jury is still out on if this is the fault of
> an extension or not. So, we should make folsk aware that there MAY be
> problems with 64 bit Windows and 64 bit Java 7. Oddly, the same problems
> don't seem to surface with the 32 bit Java 7 under Windows.
> Mac OS X
> Currently, Apple is still/only distributing java 1.6, so no red flags here
> that I could fine.
> OpenJDK 7 is also available for Mac OS X. I can't find any reporting from
> users who might have this combination.
> At any rate, no reported issues with Mac and Oracle java 1.6 except for
> initial setup issues -- can't find the JRE.
> So, I propose we make changes to:
> specifically mentioning the Win 64 bit with Oracle 7 Java 64 bit problems.
> Additionally, we could supply links to both the Oracle Java site --
> and the OpenJDK site --
> Unless there are any objections, I could go ahead and make these changes by
> the end of this week, Friday.

I agree in general to you and thanks for summarizing this topic. I have
only one point to add, why should we mention potential problems that we
can't reproduce? In this case I would not mention it, it would be
different if we couldn't fix the problem. But we simply can't reproduce it.


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