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From Shmuel Wolfson <>
Subject Re: Suggestion - file format
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 13:46:14 GMT
I hear your point. How about having the installer (at the end of the 
installation) take the user to a webpage with a video explaining how to 
save files in Office formats.

I think that would help OpenOffice catch on more.

Shmuel Wolfson

On 10-Jul-12 4:23 PM, RGB ES wrote:
> 2012/7/10 Shmuel Wolfson <>:
>> I have a suggestion for OpenOffice that I think will help it become more
>> popular.
>> Most users are not very computer savvy. They are afraid of incompatibility
>> so they stick to Word which most people have. Therefore I think the default
>> option when installing OpenOffic should be to save files in MS Office
>> formats.
> Sorry, but that's a no go: while import/export filters could be an
> useful tools on some circumstances they are not and never will be
> perfect. And the reason is simple: AOO is NOT a clon of MSOffice. Both
> products work on different ways. Take for example Writer vs. Word:
> Writer use page styles, something that Word do not know about so every
> time you open a Word file you need to translate whatever Word do with
> pages to the "page style paradigm", and then back from page style to
> what Word use... even on simple documents this is a formatting
> nightmare but if you go to something more complex you are calling for
> trouble.
> Being able to import/export from/to MSOffice formats is a useful plus,
> nothing more and nothing less.
> The general rule, applicable not only to AOO but to any software
> product is: Always work on native formats, your life will be a lot
> easier.
> Just my 2ยข
> Regards
> Ricardo

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