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From Eike Rathke <>
Subject Re: [UX]Why does AOO use semicolon and space as the default separators when open one csv?
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2012 13:46:23 GMT

On Monday, 2012-07-23 10:38:06 +0200, Joost Andrae wrote:

> >I use Calc to open a csv. "Text Import" dialog pops up. Semicolon &
> >Space are checked by default as separators. Most of csv  files in the
> >world use comma as separator, right? I prefer comma.
> >In addition, when I use AOO to save a csv, I found the default
> >separator is comma. When I reopen the csv, I have to change separator
> >to comma. IMHO, it's a bad experience.
> >
> defined in the default separator
> should be a comma. I'm not sure why AOO does it differently but
> there must be a reason to do it like this. Maybe Eike Rathke knows
> more about the reason. (CCed him)

No other than legacy.. I presume that the original intention at one
point was semicolon and tab, but the literal tab (instead of using an
XML entity in the element, see
officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Calc.xcs) got converted
to spaces in the configuration file.. In fact I changed the default in
LibO to comma, semicolon and tab.


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