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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: development question of future feature
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 15:30:18 GMT
KG02- See comments inline. 

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, Clarence GUO wrote:
I think new UI means three aspects.
One is about usability which make UI easier to use. Sidebar of Symphony is
a good illustration. 
Symphony has another good improvement which drew less
attentions, that is it reorganised the menus and toolbars(only on Java
build version). The layout of menus and toolbars in Symphony is more
reasonable I think. For example, the entry of define range name is from
"Create" main menu in Symphony, but that of AOO locates in "Data" main
menu. Symhony is better, because define range name will create a new name
but actions under "Data" main menu are all related to concrete data
Here I want to discuss the other two aspects(visual design and resources).
Maybe I missed some discussions, but I saw many discussions only focus on
the first aspect.
We also need a new visual design. Nowadays the the popular UI style is
transparent + gradient effect, large and simplified icons, light colors,
some animation effects, and so on. Our UI style is quite old. The visual
design will give users the first feeling. So it is as important as the
first aspect.
And our resources are quite old too. Here the resources I mean gallery,
templates of Presentaion master pages and so on. We really need to update
 I really hope new AOO3.5 or 4.0 can attract my eyes when I first see it.

KG02 - Clarence, thanks for sharing. I agree with your assessments of the Symphony task bar
UI design and menu information design. Each contributes to improved usability of the toolset.

KG02 - I see a new UI design according to the following design perspectives: 
1) information design - design of the information architecture that reinforces tool objects
and their available actions.
2) user interface/interaction design - the design of the layout and behaviour of tool workspaces
and forms.
3) visual design -  the visual elements or skin we apply to our info and UI design
I intend to create a number of pages on the AOO wiki to discuss such a UI refresh.  I invite
your to continue to share your thoughts and contribute to the future design direction of AOO.

KG02 - Regarding clip art and template resources, I agree. I think Symphony may have some
fresh connect to contribute. We may want to consider a social integration with providers like

2012/7/16 Christopher Jackson <>

> I am writing to ask you if there is any desire among you and the developers
> of OpenOffice to update the user interface for the suite?
> your competitor, microsoft of course has updated their user interface. as a
> simple user, I think updating the user interface would greatly improve the
> product. we can't always sit in one spot and never change.
> thanks for you time.
> Chris Jackson
> Maryland USA

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