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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Should quickstarter be enabled or disabled by default?
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2012 10:10:37 GMT
Hi all,

> +1 for turn it off by default.
> About set it on the help menu, there is no relation between help
> functions and the quickstart so IMO it will be completely out of place
> there.
> Most users I know do not even realize that the quickstarter is running
> and in fact I cannot remember anyone using the right click menu on
> it...

Just wanted to collect pros and cons, so...

- (p1) Faster first program start after system boot (highly
- (p2) Extra context menus over quickstart icon

- (c1) Uses system memory even when AOO is never used
- (c2) System boot takes longer
- (c3) Code complexity is higher, more stuff to maintain
- (c4) Installation problems/conflicts with running quickstarter
- (c5) Users do not know about it and what it means

If someone knows more, please add these. We should then think about the
pros and if they are worth it.

p2: I myself never used it, it's hard to say if it is used or not. The
functionality would be better placed in a system menu (e.g. start menu on
Win which tries to hold the last used app starts automatically). My guess
is that it is rarely used.

p1: I rebooted my Win7 a view times to measure (roughly) the difference.
Opening a test document with standard text as test. Version used is AOO3.4
Without quickstarter:
-first doubleclick on document: 17 seconds
-Second doubleclick: 1 second or less
With quickstarter:
-booting: The tray icons appear asynchonously, but with the 3.4 error
(office starts) good to detect. the quickstarter boot steals some runitme
ressources (feels not responsible until fully loaded)
-first doubleclick on document: 8 seconds
-Second doubleclick: 1 second or less

I can just guess, but the quickstarter seems to load roughly half of the
libs needed into memory (17 compared to 8), so it should use roughly 9 secs
on my system on booting/preparing desktop.

Could others evtl. add numbers for mac and win...?

It shows that the quickstarter still makes the first startup faster on
todays systems (at least on win7). The original reason to add it was
(AFAIR) a huge waiting time for first startup (more than 30 secs, years
ago) which was not tolerable. When looking at Win8 and (as it seems)
improved startup there (Herbert?) and the problems I would also opt for
removal for the future. It may also pay to invest time in further reduce
startup time tha in keeping the quickstarter alive.

It would be interesting to get infos about the behaviour on other systems
(I would guess quickstarter is most useful on Win anyways...?).

> Regards
> Ricardo


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