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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Future of the BSD port (was Re: more 3.4.1 questions...supported OSes)
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 16:44:42 GMT
Just thought I'd mention this ...

----- Original Message -----
>>  I am aware.. the idea would be to make it easier to detect when someone
>>  does a BSD-unfriendly change ;-).
> At the moment I would be glad for a buildbot that would detect 
> <any-OS>-unfriendly change.

At this time I am not too interested in spending time on the FreeBSD
buildbot because we (FreeBSD) will be making changes that demand
some attention:

FreeBSD 10 will be cleaning most, if not all, of the GPL'd code in
base. That includes gcc and libstdc++ which will be replaced by
clang/libc++. gcc will still be available as a packageand we can
use it for the builds  but we would really prefer if OpenOffice builds
with clang instead of gcc. Recent MacOS X has already moved to
clang, of course, so an effort in this lines will help the MacOS X
port too.

An initial build attempt of OpenOffice breaks in stlport:

Which basically opens a can of worms as stlport seems to
be required by the internal icu and silgraphite modules. STLport
doesn't support clang and I haven't seen patches for it.

We need the icu update and next we need to clean up the
--without-stlport option, and then the real porting can start.

It may also be possible that we will have problems with the
exceptions code: FreeBSD will be replacing the libgcc stuff
with libunwind.


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