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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: more 3.4.1 questions...supported OSes
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 20:51:43 GMT
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>>  Except for some minor patches, available here:
>>  the instructions for building on linux apply to FreeBSD too.
>>  The port is under control and very stable but we have deferred declaring
>>  it official until we find clean ways to fix the remaining patches.
> But I think there is a distinction between an "official BSD" release
> and an "official Apache" release.  An Apache one is one that the PMC
> votes on.

FreeBSD only releases Operating Systems, we don't release office suites.
The ports tree does bundle third party software including two AOO

Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Apache OpenOffice-devel-3.4.1356713

but FreeBSD releases have their own schedule that doesn't depend
on specific ports.

> So we can sync on schedules and co-promote the port as part of our
> release announcement, etc.  Is that what you want to do?  That is
> easy.

I doubt that is possible as our release schedule is somewhat complex:
the OS is currently under code freeze but the ports tree is open. We will
try to push AOO-3.4.1 into FreeBSD-9.1 Release (expected for August)

> But calling it an official Apache release, distributing via the
> mirrors, that might require more work.  For example, the BSD specific
> patches would need to be run through the RAT scans.  We'd need to
> figure out if they are considered 3rd party code and added to LICENSE
> file, etc.  Not impossible, but not something we can ignore.

I doubt the patches can even be considered copyrightable (they are just
build fixes) but they were authored by maho@ or me and are available
under the upsteam license (ALv2 in this case) or BSD 2-clause at
your choice.


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