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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Next steps for Symphony and AOO
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 15:52:19 GMT
Hi Simon and everyone;

--- Gio 12/7/12, Shenfeng Liu ha scritto:
> >
> > What hasn't been discussed in detail, and the key issue
> > to me, is how much "OpenOffice plus Symphony" would
> > differ from "Symphony plus OpenOffice".
> >
> Ideally, finally there will be little difference between
> "OpenOffice plus Symphony"and "Symphony plus OpenOffice"
> when we totally integrated the values from both side.
> But I can see in 2 years or even longer time, we can
> not make it. So there will be quite big differences.

I think we all agree two years is a lot of time.
We can always start with option I and re-evaluate
later on.

I would propose the following:

For 3.x Release (x>4) we go option I merging only
the things that are easy and perhaps a restricted
set of CWSs. No UI or drastic changes.

For 4.x we go for option II and rebase on Symphony.
Part of what was done for 3.5+ will likely be useful

Another thing that we haven't discussed at all are
the patent issues.

If you don't like speculation please stop reading

The current AOO code has a patent grant from Oracle.
The Symphony code adds a patent grant from IBM. It
is well known that IBM has more office-relevant
patents than Oracle which will likely be an
important advantage for most of our users.


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