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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] Next Release - 3.4.2? 3.5? 4.0?
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 21:04:23 GMT
Hi Andrea;

--- Mer 11/7/12, Andrea Pescetti <> ha scritto:

> Speaking with (too) little knowledge of the effort involved,
> I would keep a 3.4.x series with periodic bugfix releases,
> but use the trunk directly for a 4.0 release including the
> UI changes from Symphony and the other improvements. I don't
> see reasons for an intermediate 3.5 version unless the
> effort to reach 4.0 requires too long (say, one year).

I am not an expert, but IMHO ...

There are some lower hanging fruit: the ICU update, MSXML
improvements and VBA among others, that can probably be
easier but the nice things like the accessibility and
the new UI will take a lot more time. 

I can't really quantify times but adding all the Symphony
features into AOO would likely take more that a year and
can only be done properly by the IBM china guys (and we
are really lucky to them here).
> Working towards version 4.0 will bring even more interest
> towards the project and, since the changes would be many and
> substantial, branding the release as 4.0 would be totally
> justified.

I certainly think we should target having the Symphony
UI in the future, and it does seem to fit better new
platforms like Windows 8, but it is really difficult
to know off-hand how our existing users will take it.

At this time there is a huge inertia building around
Option I but I don't think we should close the doors
completely to option II.

I would like to hear more from our long-time
developers on which approach they like best,
but perhaps it's not yet a good time to take
a decision.


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