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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Testing of SVN Bugzilla Robot enabled (was: [Bug 25920] test issue)
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2012 13:40:36 GMT
Hi Herbert,

Herbert Duerr <> wrote:
> Testing is enabled now for the robot [1] that watches out for commits
> into our SVN-tree and updates then updates the corresponding bugzilla
> entry if an issue was referenced in the commit summary.
> [1]
> At the beginning of the commit summary classic issue references such as
> #i123456# are recognized. Some committers demanded that issue reference
> such as #123456# (without the 'i') are also accepted, so they are
> recognized too. Should we ever switch to another tracker like JIRA this
> will have to be revisited, though.
> If the test is successful there is a good chance that the automatism will
> be deployed in the apache infrastructure.
> Currently the robot adds a one-line comment to an issue, e.g.
>   "hdu" committed SVN revision 1234567: #i25920# a test commit
> Would it be helpful if the comment was more or less verbose? E.g. it
> could mention whether trunk or a branch was updated, which sub-projects
> (e.g. sw, sc) were touched, whether a commit into the release branch had
> a matching release-blocker flag, etc.

Nice Idea! But why not simply take all the comment instead of trying to
'guess' the first line? I often try to provide a brief description for the
commit on the command line and a longer one on the task (including the
shorter from the commit plus extra infos). With your change I could simply
add a single, more extensive description when comitting. Maybe the 'Patch
by:', etc. fields should be filtered out though (by identifyingb them using
the ':' or 'by*:'. Just my 2 cent...

> Herbert


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