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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: OpenOffice in Java
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 17:57:42 GMT
I don't want to discourage you, but there is need to look at the
practical issues around rehosting the OpenOffice code base.

Help us to understand your perspective better:

 1. Why do you care what Apache OpenOffice is written in?  Is there a 
direct personal concern or is this some general consideration?  In 
what way are you impacted personally? As an user?  As a contributor
or developer?

 2. Are you interested in participating in such a development?  Are
you already familiar with the OpenOffice implementation?  How could
you contribute to such a migration?  This is an open-source project
and availability of capable and willing contributors is decisive.
Most of all, how do you expect the hundreds of contributors who are 
already at work in aspects of this extensive, long-lived product to
switch their attention to a different approach?

 3. Are you aware that the tendency is to remove Java dependencies
from OpenOffice?  I don't know the reasoning, but it is happening.
The source code package for the latest release of Apache OpenOffice 
3.4 (incubating) is over one gigabyte.  Changing the platform would 
represent a tremendous disruption in the development.  How long are
you willing to wait for there to ever be another stable version 
hosted on some VM model instead of built for the variety of native
platforms that are now served?

 - Dennis

PS: You might explore the current Java-based viewers for some
calibration and a place where proof-of-concept work might be
carried out.  There needs to be a way to surface the unknowns 
and calibrate such an effort.  It is also possible to undertake
such a project completely independently from Apache OpenOffice.
That is a beauty of open-source work that allows this to be done
without expecting that one project be required to be all things
to all people.

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From: suhail ansari [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 09:41
Subject: OpenOffice in Java

As far as I know the only modern platform that doesn't support Java is iOS.
99% platform support Java. Java is the second most popular plugin after
flash. Flash is being phased out and HTML5 is used these days. One major
reason to rewrite OpenOffice in Java because Java support many languages
(Scala, Jython, JRuby). JavaFX is moder UI framework for Java that also
support HTML5. It will be easier to support a Java based OpenOffice due to
Java's cross platform nature.

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