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From "Nancy" <>
Subject Problems encountered eliminating some default tabs, and changing one to a 'right tab'....
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 16:37:55 GMT
Hi - I'm a retired legal secretary (lots of Word Perfect knowledge) and our
new CPU with Windows 7 would not run my older Word Perfect Ver.8, so I
downloaded your Open Office 3.0 and 3.4 (I think the last version is).  I'm
very happy with the product you have put together so far (I've used it a LOT
over the last 6-8 months) - but I have run into a snag on fixing some tab
stops in a document I've been adding to since February - an 8 page long, 4
column list of Zentangle pattern names with the page # they can be found in
my 2 Moleskin Notebooks - so basically lots of pattern names, followed by a
page # (or 2 or 3)


I find the default is a tab every 1/2" or so in the 4 columns I've set up,
but I don't like that, and want one tab at the righthand end of the column
to be a right aligned tab.   I can change the tabs individually for each
entry/"Zentangle name/page#" - but with 8 pages of these with 4 columns each
to do (over 1,350 patterns), I would like a 'faster' method..   and I can't
find the answer  I need in your help menus or write ups about changing
tabs/deleting tabs, etc.


Can you help me out on this problem?   (is there an 'easy button' for this
task?  lol)   I would appreciate your help greatly! 


Nancy Barnhart      email  


p.s. I'm going to attach a copy of the file that is stumping me for your use
in helping me figure this out.


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