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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: Impact of Upgrade Downloads
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 13:53:09 GMT

> On the top chart each "hump" is one week, with peaks midweek and lower
> volume on the weekend.  As you can see, we've had a significant
> increase in volume this last week, as we gradually rolled out the
> upgrade notifications.  Daily volume had been 90-110K before.  Now it
> is 170-190K/day.

so it's about the half we had with OOo. Not a bad number.

> The upgrade strategy was to do this in three stages:
> 1. Roll out update notifications to OOo 3.3 installs for the 15
> languages we support in AOO 3.4
> 2. Roll out notifications to the remaining OOo 3.3 installs
> 3. Roll out notifications to OOo 3.2 installs
> So far, we've done this first step.

and this is a great effort. In the past we had a web service (using a 
database) that coordinated the update rollout for each version 
number/build id. Maybe it's a good idea to create a similar service just 
to please the admin who has to service flags for each version and 
localization. I know this work can be pain in the a** and every 
automation pleased me when I did this at Sun and at Oracle.

> This was a team effort, with volunteers involved in reverse
> engineering the upgrade XML formats, preparing the XML for the
> downloads, ensuring sufficient bandwidth capacity, redirecting URL's,
> etc.  So thanks, everyone, for the great success here!


Kind regards, Joost

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