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From Alexander Thurgood <>
Subject Re: MySQL native Connector not working on fresh 3.4 install
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 10:46:55 GMT
Le 07/06/12 11:58, Fernand Vanrie a écrit :

Hi Fernand,

> I know you are right person to discuss this, your point is that the
> extension needs a recompile against the latest versions. You probably do
> it for some platforms, but not for Windows ?

I no longer build it for anything other than my personal use, and then
only on Mac with the current master code source tree for LibreOffice. I
haven't yet tried building AOO on Mac, so have no experience there. At
one time, many years ago, I used to build OOo on the Mac, but it got too
much to handle for my own personal use case and I had other dead horses
to flog ;-)

> How can we help you to make it also happens  for windows  and for OO as
> for LO?

Like I said, I don't even do it for LO anymore. The major Linux distribs
eventually get around to providing it with the versions that they ship
of LO, so there's no need for me to hog my very old and slow processor,
just to match master building. So for my Linux boxes, I just wait until
the next version is released/updated. If that means that I don't get to
test it with current development, well, that's just tough, if there are
problems, they will show themselves soon enough :-))

For something to happen on Windows, it would require someone with the
dedication and knowledge to build AOO on that OS, and to know how to
re-integrate the build of the connector back into the build tree
(make/config files), because my understanding is that it has been ripped
out, unless there is just some magical configure switch that lets you
turn it back on again.

My current thinking is to move away from Base altogether as a UI
front-end for mysql/mariadb/postgres etc, and work on manipulating ODF
documents directly with output from my dbs via another programming
language (probably php, python or perl, or some strange combination of
all of them).


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