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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: download page misbehaviour
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 00:05:09 GMT
On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 12:12 PM, Peter Brawley
<> wrote:
> On 2012-06-09 10:30 AM, Peter Brawley wrote:
>> On 64-bit Win 7 Pro, Chrome and the AOO download page misbehave together
>> in these ways:
>> (i) the page fails to check for existing versions, ie whether I need a
>> virgin installation or merely an upgrade from 3.3 to 3.4

Correct.  To tell whether you have an existing version installed would
require that we scan your local file system.  Web pages tend not to do
that, (or at least users don't welcome this) due to security
implications.  But what we do have is an update checker in OpenOffice
itself, that will check whether there is an update available and
prompt the user if there is.

But note that there is only a single install for OpenOffice, the same
download serves both new installs and upgrades.

>> (ii) Chrome identifies the page as incorrectly secured, yet the download
>> begins
>> (iii) during that, if I answer 'Yes' to the question do I want to run the
>> page despite its inadequate security, Chrome launches a second download.

So some odd things happening here with Chrome.  We should test this.

>> All this began when I found I'd fatally wounded my OO3.3 installation by
>> deleting its redundant desktop icon.
>> There's OO work to do.
> I should've mentioned that I'd removed the desktop icon because I'd moved a
> copy of it to QuickLaunch. Unfortunately, deleting the desktop icon disabled
> the QuickLaunch icon and made OO3.3 non-functional. That shouldn't happen.

I have not seen that happen before.  An icon is just an icon.  You
should be able to delete it, move it, copy. etc., freely.

> Back to the 3.4 installation. Once the download is finished, I click on the
> downloaded file, expecting to find an installer to run. Not. Instead, I'm
> greeted by a dialog that tells me the package is from an unknown source.
> Really, AOO couldn't get this wee detail sorted?

Did you catch what program was surfacing that dialog?  It wasn't an
OpenOffice dialog.  It sounds maybe like your anti-virus software?

> Do I want to run it anyway? Why yes. I'm expecting an installation to begin.
> Not. It merely unpacks the package, leaving behind a desktop icon for
> itself. AOO couldn't figure out how to automate this step? Oh wait, mebbe
> the AOO folks want to give me a choice about I begin the installation. I
> double-click on the desktop icon. Up comes a list of fle sin the package.

The install should just kick off.  You should not need to guess what
file to run.

> They include an .msi file and a setup.exe. in Windows, you should be able to
> install by double-clicking on the .msi. here, not: I get a dialog telling me
> to run setup.exe. Duh. If that's the case, why not just run that
> automatically rather than  wasting my time with this fake work with these
> fake choices?
> So on we go. Again I get an option to create a desktop icon. I want a
> QuickLaunch icon, not a desktop icon. But if I turn the former into the
> latter, I'll break OO. Never mind, I'll create my own.
> Soon I see another dialog, asking me to end existing OO processes. Yikes, I
> have to start over.
> When I'm done, I create my own QuickLaunch icon.
> There are installation glitches to fix.

Has anyone else run into the behavior reported here?  I've personally
tested Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit and this does not happen.  (But I did it
with system I.E., not with Chrome).


> PB
>> PB

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