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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Business Partnership Inquiry
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 15:31:01 GMT
On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 3:10 AM, <> wrote:
> Hi Webmaster,
> I'm sorry to bother you.
> I am Faith from I write to you just to consult whether we can have a potential
chance to cooperate with you. And recently we have updated your product at our site that you
can have a visit.

Hello Faith,

I see the listing here:

Is that the right listing?  If so, I'd like to suggest some corrections:

1) The name of the product is "Apache OpenOffice", not
 (This is a new change, starting with the 3.4 release.

2)  The license is "Apache License 2.0".  It is not "freeware".  Does
your website make that distinction, between freeware and open source?
 Strictly speaking, "freeware" is only a statement about the initial
cost, that the software is available for free download.  But many
freeware products ask for payment, either after a period of time, or
to unlock advanced features.   Open source software does not do that.
It is free to use, copy, redistribute, etc.  Open source software also
comes with the source code of the application, allowing programmers to
study, modify and enhance the application.  Freeware does not.

3) The publisher should be "Apache Software Foundation", not  This is also a new change starting with our 3.4

> is a website for providing the simplest method of downloading the newest
versions of the best software, and we are not focusing on quantity but quality. To make your
downloads as fast as possible, we provide very fast servers with 100Mb connections.
> You are really a great tool and enjoys great reputation among users. We're
very interested in becoming the mirror for download. I'm sure our partnership
can guarantee you great advantages. We can do a few things to promote your program like newsletter
mentions and front-page exposure.
> If you have any other ideas we are very open and happy to discuss them on becoming's
mirror download link. What we want to have is a win-win relationship that benefits us both.
We strongly think that business cooperation between you and us will be a wise decision, and
both of us can have more triumphs.

If you want to host a copy of the Apache OpenOffice installer on your
website, then no further permission is required.  Redistribution is
permitted by the license.

If you want to be a mirror operator for Apache releases, then more
information can be found here:

If you have further questions, please cc the list.



> Looking forward to receiving your feedback very much. Thanks for your time.
> P.S. If answering mails like this one is not among your daily tasks, please forward it
to the appropriate executive. Thanks again.
> Best regards,
> Faith Lee

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