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From Zhe Liu <>
Subject Re: [VCLAuto] Problems with build.xml
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2012 13:31:55 GMT
2012/6/22 Raphael Bircher <>:
> Hi Zhe Liu
> Am 21.06.12 07:49, schrieb Zhe Liu:
>> Hi Raphael Bircher,
>> Did you run the testing successfully? I wanna get some feedback to improve it.
> I think, the tool itself works, but I run in same trubble. Take a look
> at maybe
> you can help me.
Firstly thanks for your trying.
Currently, testing can be only performed in English locale. I saw your
OpenOffice UI is not English. The test script can be written
language-neutral, but the existing scripts is not. The tool is
brand-new. There is still a lot of work to do next.

> Same feedback from the tool. I can compare, because i worked with both.
> Installation.
> Both, the old and the new TT are not easy to install. The old one was
> not so easy cause configuration and so on. The new one is not easy
> because of the depencity (Ant, Eclipse, junit) So, it's only samething
> for power Users.
The old testtool IDE is developed and maintained by OpenOffice
developers. The key issue is that nobody works on it now.
Ant+Eclipse+JUnit are very popular and active open source projects. We
don't need to spend time in developing/maintaining them.  I admit
these tools are more acceptable by developers, maybe not by common
users. If you only concern about installation, we can pack these tools
in one out-of-box zip.

> I find it harder to execute the new Testtool as the old one. By the old
> one you have had simply to load the script and run it. By the new one
> you have to take a look to the parameters. But this is only a entry
> barriere.
As far as I know,  you also need to set several parameters before
running testing with the old testtool.
Anyway, I will provide a default value and a global place to set AOO's
location. There will be no need to set it for each test class.

> Debuging: Sametimes usefull can be the screenshot wich are taken by the
> VCLAuto. I see no avantage by searching the errors. By both you have to
> understand source Code. For my point of view it's more a question of the
> taste, Java or Basic. The Scipts from VCLAuto are more readable, because
> they ar small and smart. But i have no illusion here, this will change
> over the time ;-)
Did you use the Eclipse's debugging, source code reference and search
function? It's far more power than the old VCLTesttool, and more
complex. Another awesome feature is the code refactor of Eclipse. As
you know, test script often changes as design changs. Code refactor
can save us a lot of time.I will write some guide to explain it later.
As I mentioned before, VCLAuto just gives us a chance to write GUI
testing in Java and not to replace VCLTesttool. Java is far more
popular programming language than Basic, maybe it can attract more
people to write testing scripts.

> From the points above, VCLAuto and VCLTestTool are equal solutions.
> Well, VCLAuto is maybe newer. But I have two big critisme to VCLAuto
> - VCLAuto can't test Localized Builds at the moment.
> - We have much less tests for VCLAuto then for the VCLTestTool (I beleve
> that the old TestTool covers 20 Times more then the VCLAuto Tests now)
> This is also the reason why VCLTestTool use much more time to run.
> VCLAuto is not realy faster, it has simply less Testcase, and from a QA
> point of view, this is bad news.

> From my point of view, the VCL auto is atm not a equal replacement for
> the VCLTestTool. The VCLAuto is indeed the fresher tool, but also less
> mature. I support the move to VCLAuto, but i also have to remind every
> one here that there is still a load of Work.
> Greetings Raphael
 VCLAuto is very young. Currently, the existing test cases are more
proper for demo we can write gui testing in Java and not enough for
replacement of VCLTestTool. Indeed there is still a load of work, but
pls be patient. I also hope someone here to coninue to maintain
VCLTestTool. The number of its legacy scripts is very big.It can cover
very many functions and still is very valuable in the current

Best Regards

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