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From Zhe Liu <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]Next steps for automated testing
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 00:29:57 GMT
Hi Reizinger Zoltán,

2012/6/16 Reizinger Zoltán <>:
> 2012.06.15. 8:31 keltezéssel, Zhe Liu írta:
>> Hi all,
>> As mentioned before, I was working on a Java library to perform gui
>> testing. Actually it has been implemented on Symphony source code. It
>> involves 3 modules:
>> 1.
>> It contains all testing scripts. Some JUnit testcases have been
>> written in the package "testcase". Smoke testing is re-implemented
>> based on the lib. We also developed some performance testing script,
>> but not include in svn.
>> 2.
>> It contains the low-level implementation to do GUI testing.
>> 3.
>> It contains the common utilities used by uno api testing and GUI testing.
>> I also wrote one wiki page to introduce it.
> I'm not a coder, but I run the old VCLtool in past, used for translation
> testing, by creating screenshots from each dialog.
> This will be possible with new tool?
Yes.  Generally, you can think it's a Java version of VCLtesttool.
> I try to setup this test configuration on my win7.
> I can set up and build test enviroment, and could build it, but can not
> run the example test.
> Needs some more help on JUnit configuration. Which test class I can use?

Pls wait for two days. I will migrate the newest code from Symphony
code into AOO. Because of the difference between Symphony and AOO, I
also need modify some code.

> Regards,
> Zoltan
>> I propose to do the following tasks next.
>> 1. Migrate the library to our AOO trunk. I has successfully used it to
>> test AOO 3.4 with some patch.
>> symphony/trunk/main/testcommon->ooo/trunk/main/testcommon
>> symphony/trunk/main/testgui->ooo/trunk/main/testgui
>> symphony/trunk/main/test->ooo/trunk/main/test   or
>> ooo/trunk/main/testoo  (Avoid to conflict with the test module that
>> already exists in AOO)
>> 2. Setup several testing machines to do build verification testing on
>> daily build. Post the result on somewhere(e.g. wiki, or maillist) .
>> The testing platforms includes:
>> Windows XP
>> Windows 7 32b/64b
>> Mac os x
>> Redhat
>> Suse
>> Ubuntu
>> ...? (pls suggest)
>> 3. Continue to clean up the UNO API testing. I tried to run it and
>> found there are too many failures and some errors. I think API testing
>> is very valuable.It is essential to revive it.
>> Welcome to comment.

Best Regards

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