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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Tolerance and acceptance
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 11:24:27 GMT
I move that there is no need to continue to fuel the fires of AOO vs
LO. The PPMC is now effective at ignoring anti-AOO materials on our
own lists. I suggest the PPMC should further silence inflammatory
posts that are anti-LO on our lists.

For example, a recent post on ooo-users said:

"The LO guys should have thought about that before forking OpenOffice
following Novell's siren's call. (remember the first major fork of
OpenOffice was Novell's Go-OO which incorporated the MS OOXML

In fact, it was their actions that killed the commercial prospects of
StarOffice, which Oracle had renamed "Oracle Open Office" (without the

I suggest that the ooo-users list is not the place for these kinds of
opinions, regardless of their validity. This is especially true when
they are made in response to a positive comment, which was "The main
goal has always been to create the best Office suite possible - so
let's unite around that."

Our communities need to be welcoming. There is no chance of creating
unity if disunity is the response. I'm not suggesting this be tackled
onlist, that can be counter-productive too. I'm merely highlighting it
and encouraging individuals on the PPMC who agree with me to consider
sending a polite but firm request to stay focused on helping users on
the ooo-users list.


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