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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Guidelines for list conduct policy
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2012 22:14:44 GMT
2012/6/20 drew jensen <>:
>> List Conduct Policy
>>    1.
>>    What Happens on the list, stays on the list:
>>    Anything you read in the private list is by default a private PPMC
>>    affair and not to be spoken of, or copied to, other people who are not in
>>    the PPMC.  If you think about it, most topic threads probably should
>> be in
>>    the public lists, except choosing committers and PPMC members, and a very
>>    few other topics.
>>    In fact, all email lists or email conversations have this aspect of
>>    privacy. Even if there are 23000 subscribers on the list, it is assumed
>>    that privacy will be maintained and a list member's name and location
>> will
>>    not be disclosed in some public venue where personal privacy is not
>> expected,
>>    such as published in a newspaper or some other.
> hi,
> I would disagree with that last statement completely - a public list is
> just that, public, and there should be absolutely no expectation of
> privacy whatsoever. To pretend otherwise is simply to lie to those who
> would use the list.
> //drew

Point one refers to the private lists, I think.

Maybe add a "point zero" with an introduction to the mailing lists, as
Ross asked? Not a detailed introduction, just to say most lists are
public but one is private. Then the "code of conduct" can be separated
on a "general part" that apply to all lists and a second part with
additional rules (for instance, the privacy one) for the private list.


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