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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: Touching base with the mirrorbrain operators
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:47:08 GMT
2012/6/29 Rob Weir <>:
>> If we want to use MirrorBrain longer term it would probably be good to
>> have a ooo-mirrors list, or something like that, so we can have
>> bidirectional communications.   It would be a low-traffic list, but it
>> would be better for the operators to join a specialized list than have
>> them sign up for ooo-dev.
> Or maybe broaden it to an ooo-distributors list, to include the those
> distributing CD's, copies of AOO on their own website, as well as
> mirror operators.  It benefits us if we have an easy way to
> communicate with them on things such as release plans (they should
> know things are coming well in advance), changes in branding, etc.
> Although the technologies differ, they all have the common interest in
> wanting to synch up with us on releases.  But not enough to suffer
> through ooo-dev.
> -Rob

+1. I think a mailing list for mirrors and other distributors is a
really good idea


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