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From Zhang Lu <>
Subject [DISCUSS][Calc] How to save locale code in number format importing form MS Excel.
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 06:27:31 GMT
Hi All,

   My name is Zhang Lu. I am a developer working in Symphony team. My
special areas are number format, formula, and sc.
    I found a issue in number format of sc, call for your help.
    1. Create a MS Excel in English locale, set one cell's number
format as "[$-407]d. mmm. yy;@" , which is a Germany date format.
Saved as test.xls.(In attachment)
    2. Open test.xls via AOO, the cell's format code is still
"[$-407]d. mmm. yy;@"
    3. Saved it as test.ods, and reopen it via AOO, you can find the
format code change to "d. mmm. yy;@", the locale info([$-407]) lost.
    4. Export to Excel, format code change to "d". "mmm". "yy;@"

MS Excel support locale code in date and time format code, but AOO
don't suport, and this info will be lost after saving to ods. In ods
spec, there is no space to save this info(e.g. [$-407]).

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