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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: [UPDATE SERVICE] proposal to activate the update service for OOo 3.2 and OOo 3.2.1
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2012 20:22:15 GMT
Le ven. 29 juin 2012 02:36:38 CEST, TJ Frazier <> a écrit :
> Is it really necessary to delete the whole User folder, or is it enough to delete the
registrymodifications.xcu file in that folder? AFAIK, the user will lose only the "recent
documents" entries for the item on the File menu, but other settings may vanish, too. The
keyboard, toolbar, and autotext/autocorrect settings should be preserved.
> If deleting rm.xcu fixes the users' problems, we really should be asking them to attach
a copy of the old one to a BZ issue, so somebody can see what's going wrong.
> /tj/
It seems that deleting the rm.xcu file removes more than I first thought. For example a custom
color palette (I usually overwrite the standard.soc by a custom one, with the same name) is
reset to standard one. Rather odd.
Indeed, you keep the toolbars and keyboard customization but you lose the macros: they are
still in the basic folder but they are not referenced anymore in the rm.xcu so you don't see
So in the end, I'm not sure that removing only the rm.xcu is a true good idea. It may leave
bits of old files that could cause troubles later.

Following my other topic about frequent crashes, I made some tests and noticed that removing
the rm.xcu prevents the crashes (where they used to occur, but I've not checked if they would
be back if I had continued with this new rm.xcu file).
So rm.xcu may be the key point but it could be a problem with the way it is linked to the
content of the profile (a broken reference to a file for example).

In the past, there were several configuration files (history, main, ...). They have been merged
into a single rm.xcu file. Less easy now to identify what is the part that is the culprit.

I fear that uploading just the rm.xcu file would not be enough, especially if the problem
is with a link with another part of the profile.


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