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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Pootle projects
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:15:40 GMT
On 6/26/12 10:00 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 6/25/12 10:19 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
>> I understand that we have Pootle projects for in-product strings, as
>> well as a separate project for help files.  But I don't understand why
>> we have 3 different flavors of each.
>> For example:
>> Apache OpenOffice 3.4.x
>> Apache OpenOffice 4.x
>> Apache OpenOffice (Incubating)
>> Is one trunk and one for the 3.4.1 branch?   But which is the trunk?
>> And why the 3rd project?
> The only active project is Apache OpenOffice 3.4.x. I have requested to
> delete the other projects several times because I can't do it without
> the necessary rights. I am only admin for the AOO projects but can't
> delete or create projects. I should create a further jira issue ;-)
> My plan is a slightly different layout on disk at least for the help
> project. The main reason is to make some automation tasks easier.
> It's not easy to define how many projects we want support. At the moment
> we plan to release further languages for 3.4.x. And we want work on a
> 3.5 also with potentially minor UI changes. And for our next major
> release we plan even more UI changes.
> So when do we want to drop support for 3.4.x. Once we have a 3.5
> release? After that no further language for a 3.4.x release.
> That would mean that we have 2-3 projects in parallel.
> Next steps:
> 1. create an jira issue to delete the obsolete projects

> 2. create a jira issue to create a 3.5.x project
> The 3.5.x project is necessary to cleanup the translation.

the jira issue for a new 3.5 project will be created if we agree on my
proposed approach.


> Juergen

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