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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Pootle projects
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:00:15 GMT
On 6/25/12 10:19 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
> I understand that we have Pootle projects for in-product strings, as
> well as a separate project for help files.  But I don't understand why
> we have 3 different flavors of each.
> For example:
> Apache OpenOffice 3.4.x
> Apache OpenOffice 4.x
> Apache OpenOffice (Incubating)
> Is one trunk and one for the 3.4.1 branch?   But which is the trunk?
> And why the 3rd project?

The only active project is Apache OpenOffice 3.4.x. I have requested to
delete the other projects several times because I can't do it without
the necessary rights. I am only admin for the AOO projects but can't
delete or create projects. I should create a further jira issue ;-)

My plan is a slightly different layout on disk at least for the help
project. The main reason is to make some automation tasks easier.

It's not easy to define how many projects we want support. At the moment
we plan to release further languages for 3.4.x. And we want work on a
3.5 also with potentially minor UI changes. And for our next major
release we plan even more UI changes.

So when do we want to drop support for 3.4.x. Once we have a 3.5
release? After that no further language for a 3.4.x release.

That would mean that we have 2-3 projects in parallel.

Next steps:

1. create an jira issue to delete the obsolete projects
2. create a jira issue to create a 3.5.x project

The 3.5.x project is necessary to cleanup the translation.


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