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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Frequent crashes when opening files with AOO 3.4.0?
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 22:06:40 GMT
Hi Hagar,

Hagar Delest schrieb:
> I've been facing some weird behavior rather recently (since last week
> perhaps) on my Vista system with AOO 3.4.0. No OS udpdate that I know of
> (corporate machine, important updates have to be run manually, some
> patches applied live but we usually see the script that installs them
> and it has not been the case for a long time).
> I work with files between 1MB and 6MB containing up to 100 pictures
> embedded (each smaller than 100kB), and a lot of tables (up to 500).
> Content is mail pasted in .odt files with removal of most of the
> formatting. I also use macros to remove any custom style that is not
> applied so styles number is under control.
> It can happen on small .ods files too (the file without being edited
> previously!).
> Crash usually occurs when I open a file or within few seconds (link with
> repagination?) or as soon as I reach some place (can reproduce the crash
> easily: if I don't do anything, no crash, the moment I move the cursor
> to a certain place, crash). If I type something before the crash and
> save (no need to close), it usually fixes the problem.
> Had never experienced such behavior before. Probability is quite the
> same between small and big files.
> Has anyone experienced such problem?

There were some reports and I had the problem too. In all cases the 
problem was solved by removing the file registrymodifications.xcu, which 
then will be recreated with the next AOO start. But you have mentioned, 
that you have start with a new profile, so I'm not sure whether your 
problem is the same.

Kind regards

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