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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Commit message summaries
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 11:31:42 GMT
Extending my older mail with some statistical details.
On 21.06.2012 11:47, I wrote:
> I'm also against using a bare issue number, because having a number that
> can be reliably parsed by eventual tools (e.g. a tool that updates
> bugzilla with the revision number, a tool that links the revision commit
> to the corresponding bug URL, etc.) is no extra effort whereas it opens
> a whole world of opportunities. I prefer that computers do such work
> that can be automated because they are rather good at that.

There are more good reason for my suggestion to continue with the 
i-decorated issue number:

The code base of AOO 3.4.0 already has more than 8000(!!!) code comments 
using the #i123456# convention for referencing issues in bugzilla.

There are more than 200000 changeset comments in the OOo code history 
which also use this convention. What other than confusion would we gain 
if we abandoned this convention and why should we as the continuation of 
the project do that?

Interestingly there are about 9000 code comments using the undecorated 
issue number for references to the pre-OOo bug tracking system. 
Reintroducing undecorated issue numbers again for new commits only adds 
uncalled-for confusion. Speaking of the pre-OOo bug tracker system I 
think in our code base we should remove the references into it. The 
pre-OOo tracker died many years ago and that devalued these references.


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