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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Question about text clipping mechanism in word processor
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 10:15:38 GMT

On 21.06.2012 11:23, Fan Zheng wrote:
> Hi, All:
> Let me talk about my concern.
> Regarding the value is correct, there may exist the formatting mechanism
> difference.
> 1. MS Word consider the above-paragraph-spacing  + line-spacing (may also
> including the below-paragraph-spacing? not sure) as the available vertical
> space for containing text;

My investigation of MS word 2003 and 2010 reveals the following:
- the additional space of above-paragraph-spacing for rendering the text of the 
first text line.
- the below-paragraph-spacing from the previous paragraph is _not_ used for 
rendering the text of the first text line.
- for the character background and the paragraph background the 
above-paragraph-spacing is _not_ used. Thus, it looks very funny in MS Word 
2003/2010 when the additional space is used for the characters, but not for the 
different backgrounds.
- for object positioning the above-paragraph-spacing is used. Thus, an object 
whose vertical position is 0cm to the top of the line also looks funny from my 
point of view.

My conclusion here is that MS Word is doing really inconsistent and funny things.

> 2. OpenOffice consider the ling-spacing only as the available vertical
> space for containing text;
> Is that correct? If yes, then the inner value of line-spacing inside
> SvxLineSpacingItem should actually equal to the value
> of "above-paragraph-spacing  + line-spacing" stored in DOC files;
> And in my opinion, such modification should be in filter but not in
> formatting;

Yes, for your question.
But I disagree regarding adjusting the value of the SvxLineSpacingItem:
(1) We have no SvxLineSpacingItem for the first line and the rest of the text 
lines. Such a features also does not exist in ODF. From my point of view such a 
feature does not make sense.
(2) The above-paragaph-spacing belongs to the corresponding Svx...Item which 
represent the paragraphh margins.
(3) MS Word is doing really inconsistent and funny things here. I am proposing 
_not_ to reflect these in our document model.

> A further question is: as the total vertical space include above, line and
> below are actually available for containing text, why MS Word trying to
> distinguish them? On some other words, what the exact meaning of above and
> below paragraph spacing in MS word?

As I am not the expert of MS Word and its file format I can not answer these 
questions. From my point of view only MS experts can answer them.

> And following the tips from Oliver, such value should only works on the
> first line of paragraph. So whether it means that, the
> above-paragraph-spacing has some kind of difference definition to the UL
> space inside OpenOffice?

Here, I am not sure, if I am getting the point.

Best regards, Oliver.

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