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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Commit message summaries
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 07:19:14 GMT

On 21.06.2012 08:36, Herbert Duerr wrote:
>> Date: Wed Jun 20 06:58:35 2012
> Was [Re: svn commit: r1351948 -
> /incubator/ooo/trunk/main/sd/source/core/CustomAnimationEffect.cxx]
>> New Revision: 1351948
>> URL:
>> Log:
>> for #119951#
> Recently there have been three commits with great fixes but with the problem
> that the log message was way too short: In my opinion just mentioning the issue
> number in the commit message makes following the progress of code unnecessarily
> difficult. I suggest to provide at least a rough idea on why something was
> changed in the summary, e.g.
> #i119951# fix the animation effect of a shape when it has been grouped
> would have been much better IMHO.

I agree here.

> Not having a self-sustaining commit message reduces the quality of the
> repository. Adding a bit of redundancy also prevents that a typo such as
> transposed digits makes it almost impossible to understand why a change was done.

That is right. I had made a couple of these typos in the past and additional 
existing text help in these cases a lot.

> I also suggest to mention the issue tracker when referring to an issue number.
> In the history of the OOo project there were already three different
> bug-trackers were used. E.g. "issuetracker" that has been migrated to our
> bugzilla instance was referred to by the 'i' before the bug number such as
> #i123456#. Other projects in our ecosystem use similar conventions such as
> #fdo12345#. If we want to be good citizens in this ecosystem then we should not
> be egocentric by working as if there are no other trackers and there never have
> been other trackers.
> What do others think?

As AOO Bugzilla is our intrinsic issue database, I am in favor to mark issue 
numbers from this issue database without any further letters, e.g. #119951#.
In case it is needed to reference other issue databases an identification of 
these other issue databases makes sense from my point of view.

Best regards, Oliver.

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