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From Stuart Swales <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE][3.4.1]: Include only one en-US dictionary extension
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 15:39:10 GMT
On 20/06/2012 10:28, Andre Fischer wrote:
> On 19.06.2012 18:37, Stuart Swales wrote:
> [...]
>> Please don't merrily discard the English language variant dictionaries -
>> they are really really important.
> The reason for wanting to drop some of the english extensions is not a
> disregard for (of?) the english language and its variants.  In older
> versions of OpenOffice only the dict-en extension was included.  It is
> probably my fault that there are now five dictionary extensions.
> I added the functionality for downloading and integrating the extensions
> into the installation sets and used the information on [1] to setup the
> initial list of extensions to bundle.  Maybe the time has come to reduce
> that list to what is really needed.
> dict-en seems to support the variants (AU,CA,GB,US,ZA).  I say "seems"
> because I am neither a linguist nor do I have information beyond what
> the pages in the extension repository provide (see links to english
> dictionaries on [1]).  I don't know if the separate dictionaries for
> AU,NZ,CA, and US contain anything that is not already included in dict-en.
> If you or anybody else have/has more information then please share that
> with the rest of us so that we can make a decision based on facts
> whether to keep or to drop the extensions.
> -Andre
> [1]

I can only really speak for en_GB here - David Bartlett put in a lot of
work to get a usable British English dictionary going in the early days
of and life was made much easier once that was
incorporated into the main build.  Obviously 95% or so of the word list
will be common across the English language variants but the 5% or so
that does differ matters greatly to 'natives'.  British English spelling
does vary trivially but significantly from US English spelling.  We have
important users over here including universities, a national newspaper,
city councils...

If we were to kick out all non-en_US variants from the core build then I
guess users here would be surprised at the regression.  They would have
to figure out how to find and download the appropriate extension, which
I think could be beyond a fair proportion of them, leading to gripes
about Apache OpenOffice 'not being as good as the old one'.

My 2p.

- Stuart Swales

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