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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Question about text clipping mechanism in word processor
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 09:40:30 GMT

On 20.06.2012 10:47, ZuoJun Chen wrote:
> Hi All,
>         I'm trying to handle a bug on text clipped in document . See Bug
> 119476<>   for more
> details.
> After investigation, I have some insights. When paragraph line spacing is
> smaller than font size,
> the text contained becomes too large for fit, then AOO will clipped text
> as Incomplete part. The code
>   for text clipped mechanism can be located in method
> <SwTxtFormatter::CalcRealHeight(..)>  at
> sw\source\core\text\itrform2.cxx line 1756.
> I thought that the preferable way to fix this would be to considering the
> spacing contains above paragraph
> spacing property and line spacing property as the conditions to determine
> whether clipping text. e.g.
> Clipped text if the sum of  adding above paragraph spacing  and line
> paragraph spacing  is smaller than font size,
> otherwise do not clip text since above paragraph spacing and line spacing
> are enough to display the text.

 From my point of view this change makes sense.
If the text of the first line of a paragraph "founds" enough space in the "above 
paragraph spacing", the text should not be clipped.

I had already looked at the patch and it looks ok.
I will have a deeper look regarding how to determine the value of "above 
paragraph spacing". As far as I remember in some cases depending on certain 
compatibility option, the "above paragraph spacing" is not applied. E.g., if the 
paragraph is the first on a page and compatibility option "Add paragraph and 
table spacing at tops of pages ..." is not checked, the "above paragraph 
spacing" is not applied.
May be I find a solution to access the already calculated and applied "above 
paragraph spacing".

> Noticed that there is a property named  below paragraph spacing, but I'm
> not sure whether there is a need to consider this one,
> Do this property impact text clipped in paragraph?

May be - I am not sure.
Thus, a paragraph could have a "below paragraph spacing" and the first text line 
of the following paragraph could be to small. This would cause clipping, but may 
be the "below paragraph spacing" from the previous paragraph could be used to 
avoid the clipping.
 From my point of view avoid the clipping in this case would also make sense.
May be my above mentioned further investigation regarding the available space 
above the first text line of a paragraph would solve this, too.

Zuojun, do you know how MS Word will behave in this case?

Best regards, Oliver.

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