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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]Next steps for automated testing
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 16:16:46 GMT

On 6/14/2012 11:31 PM, Zhe Liu wrote:
> Hi all,
> As mentioned before, I was working on a Java library to perform gui
> testing. Actually it has been implemented on Symphony source code. It
> involves 3 modules:
> 1.
> It contains all testing scripts. Some JUnit testcases have been
> written in the package "testcase". Smoke testing is re-implemented
> based on the lib. We also developed some performance testing script,
> but not include in svn.
> 2.
> It contains the low-level implementation to do GUI testing.
> 3.
> It contains the common utilities used by uno api testing and GUI testing.
> I also wrote one wiki page to introduce it.
> I propose to do the following tasks next.
> 1. Migrate the library to our AOO trunk. I has successfully used it to
> test AOO 3.4 with some patch.
> symphony/trunk/main/testcommon->ooo/trunk/main/testcommon
> symphony/trunk/main/testgui->ooo/trunk/main/testgui
> symphony/trunk/main/test->ooo/trunk/main/test   or
> ooo/trunk/main/testoo  (Avoid to conflict with the test module that
> already exists in AOO)
> 2. Setup several testing machines to do build verification testing on
> daily build. Post the result on somewhere(e.g. wiki, or maillist) .
> The testing platforms includes:
> Windows XP
> Windows 7 32b/64b
> Mac os x
> Redhat
> Suse
> Ubuntu
> ...? (pls suggest)

What are the requirements for these tests?
What type of machines? What software needs to be loaded?
How long does it take? What do the scripts look like that kick off the
What is the output of the testing (single file? logs? web pages?)?

Let's figure out what we need to put this on the buildbots...

> 3. Continue to clean up the UNO API testing. I tried to run it and
> found there are too many failures and some errors. I think API testing
> is very valuable.´╝ęt is essential to revive it.
> Welcome to comment.


Andrew Rist | Interoperability Architect
OracleCorporate Architecture Group
Redwood Shores, CA | 650.506.9847

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