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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]Next steps for automated testing
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 07:16:21 GMT
Hi Zhe Liu,

On 15.06.2012 08:31, Zhe Liu wrote:
> As mentioned before, I was working on a Java library to perform gui
> testing. [...]

Wonderful! We really need to resurrect automated testing and doing it
with a Java based approach is attractive for a far wider audience than
the older test scripts which were written in Basic.

> I propose to do the following tasks next.
> 1. Migrate the library to our AOO trunk. I has successfully used it to
> test AOO 3.4 with some patch.

This sounds like it is almost ready. The sooner we have it the better.

> 2. Setup several testing machines to do build verification testing on
> daily build. Post the result on somewhere(e.g. wiki, or maillist) .

I like what the buildbots are doing: sending a mail with the summary and
provide all the details on their automatically updated website.

> The testing platforms includes:
> Windows XP
> Windows 7 32b/64b
> Mac os x
> Redhat
> Suse
> Ubuntu
> ...? (pls suggest)

Both linux 32bit and 64bit should be tested. And maybe we should also
test near our baseline and on recent versions. To avoid multiplying the
hardware requirements for the Linux builds we could e.g. test RHEL5 as
baseline, a recent Suse as 64bit and a recent LTS Ubuntu as 32bit.

Speaking of baseline vs. recent platforms I think we should once in a
while run automated tests on our MacOSX baseline (10.4 as of now).

> 3. Continue to clean up the UNO API testing. I tried to run it and
> found there are too many failures and some errors. I think API testing
> is very valuable.´╝ęt is essential to revive it.


Thanks for your work!

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