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From Fernand Vanrie <>
Subject Re: <brutal solved> MySQL native Connector not working on fresh 3.4 install
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 16:25:01 GMT
A bit brutal and drastic solution, but it works, i copied the user 
aplication data from L0 3.6 (where the Native connector is working) over 
the user aplication data from OO 3.4.
Now the connector works fine ?

please can someone tell me what peace of application data we are missing 
in a fresh install ?


>  Alex,
> I understand your point, but can you tell way The connector works in 
> OO 3.4 when it  was installed under 3.3 and not from fresh 3.4 install ?
> Everyting must been still in place, only some configuration has to 
> been done   i suppose ?
> Thanks
> Fernand
>> Le 07/06/12 11:58, Fernand Vanrie a écrit :
>> Hi Fernand,
>>> I know you are right person to discuss this, your point is that the
>>> extension needs a recompile against the latest versions. You 
>>> probably do
>>> it for some platforms, but not for Windows ?
>> I no longer build it for anything other than my personal use, and then
>> only on Mac with the current master code source tree for LibreOffice. I
>> haven't yet tried building AOO on Mac, so have no experience there. At
>> one time, many years ago, I used to build OOo on the Mac, but it got too
>> much to handle for my own personal use case and I had other dead horses
>> to flog ;-)
>>> How can we help you to make it also happens  for windows  and for OO as
>>> for LO?
>> Like I said, I don't even do it for LO anymore. The major Linux distribs
>> eventually get around to providing it with the versions that they ship
>> of LO, so there's no need for me to hog my very old and slow processor,
>> just to match master building. So for my Linux boxes, I just wait until
>> the next version is released/updated. If that means that I don't get to
>> test it with current development, well, that's just tough, if there are
>> problems, they will show themselves soon enough :-))
>> For something to happen on Windows, it would require someone with the
>> dedication and knowledge to build AOO on that OS, and to know how to
>> re-integrate the build of the connector back into the build tree
>> (make/config files), because my understanding is that it has been ripped
>> out, unless there is just some magical configure switch that lets you
>> turn it back on again.
>> My current thinking is to move away from Base altogether as a UI
>> front-end for mysql/mariadb/postgres etc, and work on manipulating ODF
>> documents directly with output from my dbs via another programming
>> language (probably php, python or perl, or some strange combination of
>> all of them).
>> Alex

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