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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Installation Experience and Feedback
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 07:23:21 GMT
On 6/7/12 4:57 AM, Gavin McDonald wrote:
> Hi All,
> Here is my installation experience, it seems to vary somewhat from some
> others experiences.
> Environment: Windows 7 64 Bit, experience was same of both Desktop and
> Laptop.
> 1. Download OpenOffice 3.4 from mirror. -- Time: 2 minutes.
> 2. Unpack . -- Time: < 1 minute.
> 3. Install. -- Time: 2 minutes.
> 4. Erm, nothing e4lse, we are done!
> It really was as painless and quick as that. Well Done Guys n Gals!
> I do have a few observations that someone might think Bugzilla worthy (all
> minor):
> a. UAC - Publisher is 'Unknown' . The User Account Control really should
> have 'Apache Software Foundation'
>    as the Publisher. (Note that in the Add/Remove programs section shows
> '' as  the Publisher.

agree, it should already fine for the Linux packages. We have to find
the correct place but it shouldn't be a problem when when we know for
what we are looking ;-) Please submit an issue for that

> b. The program 'Unpacks' to a folder on the 'Desktop' - Why? Really we
> should be choosing the 'Downloads' folder.
> c. The final installation folder is ' 3' -- I think this
> should change to 'openoffice3'

at the moment we decided to keep the former name to emphasize that we
are OpenOffice. In the future we can think about "OpenOfifce 4". The
CamelCase with space notation is by design because that is how it is
done on windows.

> d. During Installation the 'FileType' choices has 'Microsoft Word Documents'
> ticked by default, as per other email
>     threads, perhaps this should be un-ticked by default but still show the
> screen during install so it can be ticked easily.

without deeper analysis of a the appropriate default that satisfies most
of our users I wouldn't change it

> e. Once installed, clicking 'Start' shows ' Base' program on
> the start menu, perhaps we can try for the main
>      '' jump menu first or 'Writer' ??

I have no preference here, maybe it's sorted automatically I don't know

Thanks for your feedback


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