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From Javier Sola <>
Subject Re: The reason I removed the program called Open Office 3.4
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 03:30:11 GMT
For most of our customers, how computers work inside is magic... they do 
not want to know how it works. Entering into a setup page is a crazy 
thing to do, the computer will surely break down.

For them, if double clicking in the file does not go to where it went 
yesterday, what is broken is the application (you broke my MS Word, it 
does not work any more). They do not know any other way to access that 

In migration processes, you have to install the new applications and 
then manage the change process. Forcing change from one day to the next 
might fully break the process and the migration will fail because the 
new application will be rejected by users who have not yet been trained.

In my opinion AOO needs to have (even for legal reason, maybe) the user 
click on something that says that they accept the associations (or not) 
as it used to have. For silent installation, there should be an option 
to do it or not.

I think that the idea of allowing the change from the application itself 
is very good. Users like to use the application... not mess up with the 



On 6/6/12 7:07 PM, Shenfeng Liu wrote:
> One more question is: what's the behavior in 3.3? In my desktop, doc was auto-associated
to AOO 3.4, but not ppt or xls. It does not look like an intentional design. If it is just
a regression, I will suggest to simply rolling back to 3.3 for now.
> - Simon
> 发自我的 iPhone
> 在 2012-6-6,17:07,"O.Felka"<>  写道:
>> Am 06.06.2012 10:33, schrieb Shenfeng Liu:
>>> Juergen,
>>>    Agree with you!
>>>    My personal opinion is that it must be an explicit place for user to
>>> choose the file association, in installer, or option dialog...
>>>    Well, we need UX experts here...
>> We should be aware that file association written by the Options dialog won't be removed
by the setup.
>> The setup doesn't know the registry keys written by the application.
>> Groetjes,
>> Olaf
>>> - Simon
>>> 2012/6/6 Jürgen Schmidt<>
>>>> On 6/6/12 4:17 AM, Shenfeng Liu wrote:
>>>>> As I remember, it is the 2nd customer complaint we got on this issue.
>>>>> some of us (e.g. Jihui) has confirmed it. If that's the case, my question
>>>>> is do we have a defect id to trace it? If no, let's create one. And I
>>>> will
>>>>> suggest it as 3.4.1 must fix.
>>>> an issue is good but we should be careful and should define a potential
>>>> new default in detail. How exactly we want define the new default,
>>>> having 2 complaints is not much compared to thousand of Windows users.
>>>> I don't say that we shouldn't change it but we should be clear of what
>>>> we are doing. We can't change things every time when 1 single person
>>>> don't like the default.
>>>> Juergen

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