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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: *DRAFT FINAL* June board report
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 19:37:09 GMT
Sorry I'm late, here are 2 points maybe worth adding:
- Spam has been completely eradicated from community English forum with new counter measures
(new users moderation and new moderators).
- A new root admin (imacat) has been promoted and is now taking the job  to insure smooth
running and consistency with infra requirements.


Le mer. 06 juin 2012 20:13:14 CEST, Kay Schenk <> a écrit :

> OK -- I hope this is the final.
> Rob -- I did see what you meant on the grad issues so I changed this a bit...and my spell
checker was not functioning before so hopefully better now. Thanks for all the feedback.
> back later...again, formatting will be corrected later
> =====================================================================
> Project Name and Brief Description:
> OpenOffice (was
> * OpenOffice entered incubation 2011-06-13
> OpenOffice is an open-source, office-document productivity suite providing
> six productivity applications based around the OpenDocument Format (ODF).
> OpenOffice is released on multiple platforms.  Its localizations support
> have supported 110 languages worldwide.
> Most Important Items To Address Toward Graduation:
>    1. Review of distributed articles to ensure compliance with ASF policy
>    2. Given the size and scope of OpenOffice, continue work on "community readiness"
especially with regard to
>      organization and communication style.
> We have started preliminary discussion concerning graduation as we would like to propose
graduation within the next month.
> Issues for IPMC or ASF Board Awareness
>    - Leaks from ooo-private to outside agencies
>    Possible leaks of information from the ooo-private email list are
>    being investigated. Our first objective is to first establish if and
>    how leaks occurred. Once full details are available we will be working
>    to address the issue directly. No action is currently required from
>    the board and an update will be provided, at the latest, in our next
>    report.
> Community Development/Outreach  Progress
>    - Since our last report we have voted in 13 new Committers/PPMC members.
>    - Since our last report, 2 committer/PPMC members have resigned
>    - We have improved to act more as a self organized project to address
>      and solve project related topics (e.g. forum moderation)
>    - We were able to initiate transfer of SPI funds formerly earmarked for
>      to the ASF. However, due to changes in the ASF Fundraising chair, this transfer
has been postponed.
>      Followup with ASF Fundraising is needed to complete this transaction.
>      These funds, as previously discussed, will primarily be used for developer travel
when needed.
>    - We accepted an offer from SourceForge to host our older 3.3 version and provide
client installs of
>      latest release 3.4. This event was accomplished after much discussion among members
and consultation
>      with mentors.
>    - Due to heightened interest, we are putting more resources (services, volunteers)
into translation efforts
>    - We are more putting effort into addressing trademark and third-party distributin
requests. Ongoing emphasis as to
>      how to accommodate and track these requests is becoming an important concern.
>    - We are increasing our global reach by recruiting volunteers to help update and maintain
the large set of native language home pages"
>    - Established various social programming accounts for additional outreach: Twitter,
Google+, Facebook
>    - Setup two additional native language mailing lists
> Project Development Progress
>    - Pootle services for the project were established and used.
>      Translation services will be ongoing as new contributors for this service join.
>    - We released Apache OpenOffice 3.4 on May 8, 2012.
>      This release included:
>        Six different client platform install versions in 15 languages
>        Source tarballs in English
>        Software development kit packaging for 5 platforms
>        Language packs for 15 languages
>      Over 3 million downloads the first month.
>      A summary of downloads for the installs can be found at:
>    - We are currently working on an alternate repository for category-B code to comply
>      with graduation requirements
>    - An SGA was received from IBM for IBM Lotus Symphony.
>      We are now preparing to import IBM Symphony changes into the OpenOffice repository
>      This should be complete by the time of the June board meeting.
>    - We are putting renewed effort into the "user experience". Apache OpenOffice is an
>      product, the best quality product and best experience for end users is one of our
primary goals.
>    - Testing and implementation of old update service for OpenOffice has been accomplished.
>      This service is for older OpenOffice clients to identify updates and, optionally,
>      an update if available.
>    - Community support forums remain popular with users but registration seems to have
>      The ooo-users list also is quite active.
>      As Apache OpenOffice is a client product, we continue to investigate ways to direct
>      users to appropriate support venues.
>    - The developer list, ooo-dev, now has 409 subscribers and is very active with post
averaging about
>      100 per day

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