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From Jerry Kemp <>
Subject Re: Unofficial Solaris 11/x86 3.4 build
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 03:30:05 GMT
Hello Nicolas,

Thank you so much for your efforts.  They are very much appreciated.

Your email below suggest that the download file is a package.

I downloaded, uncompressed and untarred your build on a OpenIndiana system.

I found the binary, and I am able to execute it successfully.

I am curious if there is any type of installer as part of your package?
 I hope that I just over looked it, but I did look around, and I did not
see any *.pkg files, or an installer or setup script.

Again, thank you,


On 06/ 4/12 04:55 PM, Nicolas Christener wrote:
> Hi all :)
> After getting the OpenSolaris/SPARC build done, we could finally take a
> look at some of the Solaris11/x86 build-issues.
> We managed to produce a working build without any bad hacks and made
> this package (it also has mozilla/nss support):
> This is an unofficial build we provide "as is" and without any warranty
> (you should not use this for production environments and for testing
> purpose only).
> This build is "smoke tested" and should work in general.
> We had to make some minor changes in our build script, but in general we
> used the same settings (--disable-systray and --with-system-libxml are
> the only real differences) as for the OpenSolaris/SPARC builds.
> Besides those minor changes we built this version using a Solaris 11 vm.
> We're not sure yet whether this build will also run on an OpenSolaris
> machine. We're going to try this as soon as possible.
> The build scripts which show the used parameters can be found here:
> We have some build patches ready which we are going to share as soon as
> possible - it's a bit late now ;)
> We would be happy to receive any suggestions for improvement and
> appreciate any feedback.
> kind regards
> Nicolas Christener

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