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From Andre Fischer>
Subject The new
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 16:45:25 GMT
... is called

It is a rewrite in Perl with the following improvements:

- There can be an arbitrary number of download sites.  In fact, I have 
added all original download sites that I could find (24 of the 38 
category-A files, but only 4 of the 14 category-B files).

- There can be several download sites per file.  If one does not work 
the next is tried.  This allows the use of as fallback for the original 
site and the SVN repository as a second fallback.

- Each external library can be included or excluded conditionally.  For 
example the category-B libraries are now loaded only when category-B is 
enabled.  I used this for one other library, seamonkey.  Now it is 
loaded only when it is later built (in the moz module).

- On Windows it is much faster when all tar-balls are already present eg 
when you just re-run configure with a different set of flags.  On my 
machine it runs in under 1 second instead of the 5 seconds of Perl can do most things in process for which had to run external programs.  These additional 
processes are apparently quite expensive.

Some details:

The download script is main/solenv/bin/ 
You will find it (I hope) well documented.

The data file has a new format and I took the opportunity to rename it 
to main/external_libs.lst.  It is also documented and should not be too 
hard to figure out.

Now the important part:
It did not yet make it the default.  The changes are substantial and at 
a very central place.  In order to activate it just set the environment 
variable USE_NEW_EXTLIB_DOWNLOAD to something, before bootstrap is called:

I tested it on Windows, Linux, and Mac but there are so many 
combinations of configure switches that I may have missed one that does 
not yet work with the new download script.

Please try it and tell me about any errors.

I hope this helps in our quest to solve the category-B questions.

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