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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: Moderation best practices & FAQ
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 15:25:03 GMT

On 7 Jun 2012, at 13:42, Rob Weir wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 10:47 PM, Peter Junge <> wrote:
>> Hi moderators, *,
>> I have a couple of questions WRT the best practices of moderating AOO
>> mailing list.
>> My questions are:
>> 1) Shall moderators contact senders who are not subscribed to a mailing list
>> an letting them know that they might not receive the answers to their
>> questions? Or, going one step further, pointing those senders on the list
>> archive, so they can look for replies there.
> I don't do that.  But maybe make this clearer wherever we point users
> to the lists?

I don't do that either, although I would intervene if there was an obvious issue arising because
of it. As a general rule, I don't think it's good to assume Moderators will be equipped to
intervene in the subject matter of communications; that's for the list to do.

>> I'm not doing this at the moment. If we would agree to do so, it would be
>> good to draft a reply template that every moderator can use.
>> 2) Shall moderators contact senders who are disclosing their complete
>> contact information (e.g. telephone, address) that it will be exposed in
>> public before moderating the posting?
> I do that sometimes, depending on context.  

Once again, I would not directly reply unless there was an obvious and serious issue. List
members are already pretty jumpy about moderator decisions...

> In the end it is not our responsibility to prevent users from
> disclosing their private information.  It is there responsibility.

I agree, although there are obviously contextually-indicated limits.

>> 3) Should moderators report frequent spammers to Infra?
> I have not seen frequent spammers.  I do see the same spam message
> sent to many lists simultaneously.  But I have not seen the same spam
> come days in a row.
>> IMHO it might make sense to improve spam filters. Is there any automated
>> process implemented?

Like Rob, I've not seen cases like this so far, and find the spam filters generally effective.

> FAQs that seem to be clear are:

If there were to be a link to an FAQ in a mail footer, the three FAQs I would highlight are:

*  How to check if a message has been moderated
*  How to unsubscribe and who to ask for help if you can't 
*  How to get end-user support and the status of the people helping you


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