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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Next steps for Symphony and AOO
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 23:49:59 GMT

--- Mer 27/6/12, Rob Weir <> ha scritto:
> Top posting as a comment on the
> entire post, and what it is and what it isn't.
> In a recent article [1], later quoted in in LinuxToday [2],
> a LibreOffice board member was interviewed and made some
> erroneous statements regarding Apache OpenOffice and Symphony:
> "[W]e are looking forward the interesting switch at Apache
> OpenOffice from the codebase to the Symphony
> codebase; there will
> certainly be some code we might be able to reuse. Although,
> when you come to think of it, it’s funny to enter the Apache
> Incubation Process with one software you’re inheriting, and
> to use a different software you’ve also inherited just after
> the incubation process is completed"
> Charles states pretty much the same on the LibreOffice
> marketing list [3]:
> "AOO 4.0 will have the Symphony interface, and what this
> means is that it will bring a whole new different set
> of bugs."
> This is asserted as a decision.  It is not.  It is
> merely one option of several that this project has been
> considering in this thread.  In fact, what IBM employees
> have been doing most recently, as anyone
> following this list knows, is merging bug fixes from
> Symphony into the trunk and the 3.4.1 branch.  So we're
> obviously not currently going
> down the 2nd option decribed in this thread.

For the record, I am probably the only supporter of the
so-called option II and I am certainly not an IBM

If we do take option II, which I honestly see unlikely,
the idea would be to reintegrate all the OpenOffice base
on top of Symphony and it would be done simply for practical
purposes: we know the OpenOffice code and the related changes
better than Symphony and we still have the traditional version
control systems in place to do an orderly re-merge.

We would (and notice it's an hypothetical situation at this
time) just be rebasing, something that LibreOffice should
be used to already.

It's really disappointing to see uninformed people give
opinions about things they evidently don't understand.


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