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From drew jensen <>
Subject Help please - working on an AOO34 CD
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2012 15:34:18 GMT

Have been working on an AOO 3.4 CD image - suitable for boosters to use
as swag, part of individual supports toolbox, etc.

The work is down to the final stages now and I could use some help in
the way of input with some of the details.

THIS IS NOT FINISHED - but in wanted folks to see exactly what I have
this morning so made use of the resources to do so.

Two files added here:

cd-aoo34-bin.iso and cd-aoo-34-src.iso
(again these are NOT intended for distribution yet..)

What's in them currently?


AOO 3.4 Binaries 
- Windows English(us) full install package
- All Windows language packs released with 3.4
- Windows SDK

Documents, all as PDF
- Installation Guide
- Getting Started Guide
- Administration Guide
- Basic Programmers Guide
- Developers Guide

HTML files
- Index [home] (started as webstie page - done)
- Files (started from website page - done)
- Instructions (not close to done)
- Conatct [support] (could be done maybe)
- Release Notes [notes] (copy of webstie page, added one graphic - done)
- License (not done) 
- java (copy of website page - done)
- sys_reqs_aoo34 (copy of webstie page)
- ooo.css and style.css from webstie, 1 changes in each file

Print ready artwork for packaging
- Thin / Tall DVD case cover
- Cut/Fold CD envelope template
- Pre-fab sleeve cover
- disk label


All the files in the cd-aoo-34-bin.iso and the source files tar ball,
along with changes to a couple of html files.


So - there are things I see to do on each piece here still.

I do not expect to add any other artifacts at this point.

For today I want to finish up an the install help page(s).

Right now though any general feedback on _any_ of it is welcomed.



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